Australian Clothing Wholesalers – 7 Steps To Successful Deals On Wholesale Clothing In Australia

Buying wholesale clothing from Australian clothing wholesalers may seem like a relatively straight forward procedure. You register with the clothing wholesaler of your choice, view their catalogue, place your order & a few days later the courier delivers your parcel.

At least that’s what it seems like on the surface, but in reality there’s a lot more to it – there are many more things to keep in mind. If you don’t put enough thought into the other aspects of your order, you could end up with serious financial problems, & a large amount of stock you can’t sell.

So what else should you keep in mind to ensure you don’t run into problems when buying wholesale clothing in Australia?

  1. Research Your Market Before Spending A Cent. If the market you wish to enter is already saturated or there isn’t enough demand, unfortunately your business won’t stand a chance – online or offline.
  2. Perform A Background Check On The Australian Clothing Wholesaler. A quick background check to ensure that your clothing wholesaler is legitimate could save you a lot of heartache. You can do a search for their business name on Google, contact the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) to see if there have been any problems with them, or check on the ASIC (Australian Securities & Investment Commission) website to ensure their business name/ABN does actually exist.
  3. Request A Small Sample Order. Any genuine clothing wholesaler who wants your business should be willing to let you purchase a small, initial sample order so you can check the product quality, & see what they’re like to deal with.
  4. Buy Garments That Are In Season. Make sure the clothing you buy from the wholesaler is suitable for the season you’re in. If it’s coming near to the end of winter don’t buy any or much winter clothing & the same in summer.
  5. Plan To Keep A Good Variety Of Clothing In Stock. The amount of variety you have will to a certain extent depend on the results of the market research you have done – some types of clothing stores can get away with a narrower range than others. You will want to make sure that you have a good range of sizes, colors & styles available in most cases.
  6. Check Re-Order Times. Ask your clothing wholesaler how much of the style of clothing you are buying they keep in stock at any one time, how long it would take for them to get more in if they ran out, & how quickly they can dispatch a top up order to you if needed.
  7. Purchase Small Orders Initially. By keeping your initial orders from your clothing wholesaler small, then you reduce the risk of overstocking on garments that may not sell. Once you know what sells well, & what doesn’t, you can purchase larger orders from your clothing wholesaler.

Baby Clothes – Intelligent Thinking While Buying Baby Clothes

It is a dream of every parent to dress their baby in the best possible outfit, making sure their baby looks cuter than a bunny! However, these parents think that one can only dress one’s baby well when one has a large budget dedicated to shopping. This is not true. You can shop well in a limited budget if you shop wisely. No doubt when we talk about buying baby clothes, it is not just the clothes we are talking about. There is a huge and almost never ending list of clothing items like shirts, pajamas, socks, hats, mittens, sweaters, bodysuits, etc that our baby needs to wear in different seasons and occasions.

Always buy a couple of nice presentable baby clothes that your baby can wear outdoors and make sure you do not put them on your baby at home. This will prevent any sort of stains and rough usage of these clothes. For home, you do not need to buy expensive or designer clothes for your babies. Make sure what your baby wears is comfortable and of breathable material. You can even use your elder child’s pass on clothes that are in wearable condition. If this is your first baby, you can take special care of his/ her nice and expensive clothes, and then put them in a safe place for your next baby.

Sales are very helpful in buying nice clothes at reasonable prices. If you are buying a summer baby outfit on sale in the winter season, make sure you have a margin in your mind regarding the size of your baby in the summer season, and vice versa. Always buy clothes that have a little margin, else, your baby will outgrow them within a month or so. If you are not sure about the size of a certain clothing item for your baby, go for the larger size as your baby will eventually end up wearing it. You should avoid too much fitted and tight clothing on your baby as your baby would not feel comfortable in it, and it is not good to put baby in too much fitted clothes in these growing years.

How to Save Money With Mix-And-Match Clothing

Clothing can take a big bite out of your budget if you do not learn frugal clothing strategies. To save money you must learn to make the best use of the smallest amount of clothing.

This article is for women. It is about the need to buy the correct pieces to stretch wardrobes, and how to use all of the clothes in your closet.

Many women have huge closets of clothing, but they don’t wear all of them. The obsession with clothing and shoes in our society has gotten ridiculous. Sometimes price tags are not even taken off items that hang in closets. What a waste of money.

The best way to make good use of your clothing is to mix and match that which you own, and wear everything. This can be done by mixing-and-matching items and dressing them up and down.

Here are some tips to help you with some of the basic pieces in your closet.


Jackets serve two purposes- fashion and warmth. You can find Jackets in fabrics from velvet to corduroy. There are conservative cuts, and trendy pieces. If you want to build a frugal wardrobe, stick with the classics. There are many classic cuts, from double breasted to the classic channel jacket.

There are so many ways to wear jackets. Invest in one good jacket, wear it over and over, and the price per wearing becomes only a few pennies.

The High Powered Business Jacket

This jacket is usually very dark, (black, navy or gray) and is worn with a skirt (or pants) in the same color. It is worn with a shirt that is also in a dark color. Not everyone looks good wearing all dark colors, but this is what you wear when you want to look very conservative.

Regular Business Attire

You may soften the look of your outfit by wearing a white shirt, or a shirt in a pastel color. You can also mix the fabrics and colors. However, the jacket and skirt should be classic in style and conservative in color.


Take the same black jacket, and relax the look even more by wearing a colorful shirt or sweater under the jacket. Wear a more patterned skirt or pair of pants. Give a little more personality to the outfit with colorful jewelry.

Casual Wear

Finally, for very casual wear, use your jacket with your blue jeans. The jeans should be in a more formal dark wash.


Sweaters are another versatile piece in the frugal wardrobe. Once again, sweaters serve two purposes- fashion and warmth. Sweaters come in several styles, are made of knitted fabric, and almost always soft and snuggly.

Sweaters are knit from many types of yarn, from heavy ply to very thin yarn. You want to buy sweaters that will last, so don’t choose any with a very loose knit.

Again, there are conservative and trendy cuts. If you are buying a cardigan (which functions as a jacket), you want to stick with a conservative cut. However, you can be more stylish with pullover sweaters. Knit fabrics do not last as long as other garments. The fabric often tears, snags, and ravels.

Here are 4 basic ways to wear sweaters.

Under a Jacket

As mentioned in the jacket section, you can wear a sweater under a jacket for a more casual, yet dressy appearance. To make it more interesting, you can also wear a blouse under the sweater. Sweaters look good when dressed up with both scarves and jewelry.

Combined with a Blouse

Sweaters can achieve many looks when worn over blouses. You can improve the appearance of many of your blouses by topping them with a sweater. Many blouses and sweaters are now are made with 3/4 length sleeves. This provides the opportunity to wear a long sleeve blouse under a sweater with 3/4 long sleeves, and then roll up the sleeves on the blouse.

Worn Alone

Sweaters look great worn alone over skirts or pants. Again, both jewelry and scarves look great on sweaters.


Blouses will be one of the least expensive items in your wardrobe, and here is where you want to have a variety of colors and styles.

Blouses are worn close to your face, so you do want to be sure and buy them in colors that flatter your face.

Unless you work in a conservative business environment, you can have a lot of fun with colors and styles. If you have kept your skirts and pants in neutral colors, you should be able to pair them with almost everything in your wardrobe.

If you are large busted, but sure the sleeve length does not end at the same place as your bust If your blouse buttons, be sure you can move your arms freely, and there are not gaps between the buttons. If your legs are short, do not buy your blouses too long, or your legs will look shorter if you do not tuck them in.

Here are some ideas for your blouses:

Business Wear

As mentioned in the Jacket section, the most conservative, sophisticated way to wear a blouse is to wear a dark blouse under a dark suit. Wear a light colored blouse to make the outfit less conservative. You can also wear a vest over the blouse for a very business-like look


Vests lend versatility to blouses. Wear a tailored vest over a blouse for a more formal look. You have a variety of options when it comes to vests, from the conservative blouse, to the very informal looks you can achieve when you wear vests made of fleece and denim. Vests are very easy to sew, and a good choice to expand a small wardrobe.

Casual Wear

Blouses worn alone are usually worn with a piece of jewelry, unless the blouse has a lot of style from the cut and design of the blouse. The accessories worn with a blouse will dress it up or down. Blouses are versatile. You can wear the same cotton blouse with a pair of shorts or a skirt and sweater. They cost less than the other items in your wardrobe so have some fun with color.


The most versatile pants are conservative business pants and jeans. You can wear them with all of the items above. The fabric and the cut are what make pants go from dressy to casual.

Keep your dress pants conservative, and without pockets or other design details that draw attention, and you can get by with just a couple of pairs for work and special occasions.

Add a couple pair of jeans and a corduroy or twill pant in a neutral color, and that should be all you need. No one is going to remember your pants. You can wear them over and over until they need replacing.

Casual Wear

How much casual wear you need depends on whether you stay at home or work. It also depends on your leisure activities. If you don’t work, you should have more casual wear than business attire. Keeping your wardrobe in balance to your needs is another skill for a frugal clothes shopper.

So these are the basic pieces for a mix-and-match wardrobe. I’ve seen people with as few as 3 blouses and 3 skirts put together amazing outfits with the use of accessories like scarves and jewelry.

When it comes to clothes, less is more. You will take better care of your clothing, and it will always be clean and ready to go. When everything goes together, a little goes a long way.