Get Rid Of Bad Hair Days Forever – Be Aware Of What The Weather Is Going To Be Like

Oh sometimes the weather can be such a pleasant thing. Indeed the weather can be a wonderful addition to hectic, busy lives. But sadly, this is not wonderland; this is earth, where the stratosphere is clouded by a blanket of green house gases, car exhaust fumes and industrial emissions of every kind. The winds only blow smoke and dust around, and humidity is trapped between murky skies and dehydrated people.

If this isn’t enough of a disaster for you, then try spending two hours everyday flat-ironing your hair only to walk outside and as quickly as the hot wind blows, your once silky smooth, ultra straight hair turns into an afro. Oh joy, who wouldn’t want to go to work or school looking like that. Unfortunately, we can’t undo what we’ve done to the environment overnight, so all we can do at this point, while we try to fix the fine mess we got ourselves and planet into, is find out what causes our hairstyles and hair designs to go ‘plop’.

Ever danced in the rain or made a snow angel on snow covered ground? Well if you have never done these things just think taking a bath. But when it comes to the weather, rain and snow share a common trait; they both involve water. The effect of rain and snow on hairstyles is very similar to getting your hair washed, only without shampoo and conditioner, and some hair designs hold up well under these conditions, but for a vast majority hair styles and designs don’t do so well.

For folks with any kind of hair extension or hair addition, water is not a friend you want to stay too close to, simply because every time you wash your hair or it gets wet, you undo a little bit of the adhesion. Also, to those folks with relaxed or chemically styled hair, you are encouraged to keep hair moisturized in order to replenish it and you are advised that you refrain from washing or getting your hair wet on a regular basis as too much water can actually dehydrate chemically treated hair. And for those people out there with fine hair or highly stylized hair getting caught in the rain or snow will only ruin your do. And finally those folks with colored treated hair it is advised that you wash your hair only on an as-needed-basis since frequent washing will cause the color to fade quickly.

The sun has a similar effect on hair in so far as dehydrating hair, especially chemically treated hair and causing colour to fade. The sun is particularly harsh on bleached hair, since over-bleaching makes hair brittle and penetrable so that harmful UV rays can cause further damage to your hair. But at any rate, the greatest problem people face when it comes to hair, especially women, is humidity. Humidity, simply put, can badly ruin a hair style or design or hair in general and easily make you look like Diana Ross gone worse. And that is frighteningly bad!

Here are some steps you can take to minimize the effects of humidity and maintain your hairstyle. The best way to overcome the effects of humidity is to work with the natural texture of your hair. Rather than fighting to smooth and straighten curly hair, select a style that works with your natural waves. If humidity causes your hair to become limp and lifeless, the best solution is to get a layered haircut. Blunt cut styles leave too much weight on the length of the hair, causing it to lie flat against the head.

One of the biggest styling problems created by humid weather is frizz, which most often impacts those with curly or thick, coarse hair. The best way to combat frizz caused by humid weather is to start with a great haircut. And finally, use the appropriate hair products to style your hair. Don’t over use styling gel and creams that can weigh hair down, but rather opt for anti-frizz and light conditioners that make hair healthier and more manageable.