Top 5 Silver Items to Sell to Gold Buyers

While gold buyers are obviously known for buying gold, did you know they will also purchase silver? If you have any scrap silver sitting in your jewellery box or around your home, this could mean a big cash payment for you. Silver is no longer a cheap alternative to gold. Silver prices have risen greatly in the past few years, and now is the time to sell your scrap silver items.

Why Is Selling Silver a Fantastic Idea?

As stated before, the price of silver has dramatically increased. This is due to many reasons.

  • Rarity- Many experts predicted our economy would improve much more rapidly than it has. This means precious metals like silver and gold are considered rare and safe investments and are highly sought after by gold buyers.
  • Versatility- Silver is no longer used to make just jewellery. These days it is used in industrial items, phones, televisions, and even batteries.

What Silver Items Should You be Selling?

If you have some silver items just taking up space in your home, why not make a healthy profit off of them? You can receive fast cash from gold buyers for the following objects.

  • Rings- Do you have a silver wedding band or engagement ring? While these types of objects are normally keepsakes, what do you do with them if the engagement was broken off, your marriage ended badly, or you lost the ring’s diamond? While you could sell them at a pawn shop, you would most likely make a small profit from doing so. After all, a ring with a bad history is not highly sought after by hopeful brides. Instead, why not sell it to a gold buyer?
  • Silver Coins- If you have been collecting coins for years, but have suddenly run into money troubles, now may be a good time to let those coins go. If they are dated before 1946, you can receive a large cash settlement for your silver coins.
  • Trophies-While you may have thought you would always treasure the trophy you won in high school, now that your bills are piling up, it doesn’t seem to shine like it used to. You would have a hard time selling this type of item at a pawn shop or on eBay, and if it has a nick or a chip, the possibilities of selling would be rather bleak. A cash for gold site would have no trouble at all paying for a silver trophy, though, even if it was not in perfect condition.
  • Letter Openers- These days, almost every form of communication, aside from bill collectors, is done online. So, do you really need that old-fashioned letter opener? It may look pretty, but it’s just taking up space in your home if you never have a chance to use it.
  • Cigarette Cases-Did you recently kick the habit? If so, you don’t need a silver cigarette case lying around, reminding you of your cravings. Get rid of it quickly and make some money by selling it to a gold buyer.

If you need to make some quick cash, but don’t have any gold items to sell, don’t worry. Selling silver items to gold buyers can be just as lucrative and, because of the versatility of silver, much easier.